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Excellent product

iCreate has done it! We need this on every iPad in our district from preK-12. Intuitive and creative; scientific and artistic. Students can show what they know in real-world, authentic ways. Cant say enough about this tool! Thank you, iCreate.


This is a fantastic app! Stop motion animation movies can now easily be made anywhere! If you can take a photo, you can make a movie. Let your imagination run wild. I have used this app at home, with my own children and in the classroom with my students. This app should be in every classroom in every school. It allows children to tell their stories in ways never before possible. It can be used in all curricular areas in all grades. 5 stars to iCreate!

Great Stop-action movie App!

Easy to use for all ages. Excellent application for the classroom as well as home use. LOVE It!

simple yet creative

Definitely something for the whole family to have fun with on a rainy day -- a product thats more hands-on and involves more creative thought than a standard digital game, and will have kids and parents alike rolling w/ laughter!

Amazing and fun

Amazing and fun app! My kids have been using this app to give their book reports in class as an alternative to writing out papers. It is an option their teacher gives them. MyCreate is such a great app for this!

Fantastic app - Intuitive, Simple, Easy, Fun

Im very impressed by the mycreate app. The interface is so easy to use that my 7 year old son is able to create movies using this app. The time lapse function on the app is incredibly intuitive without needing any instruction. Instead of gaming and just watching movies all the time on the ipad, we are now able to make movies together, which has been really fun. I would highly recommend this app to any teacher, parent, or student that is interested in making movies and inspiring creativity.

A Must Buy for Education!

This is an excellent example of an educational iPad app "done right". It showcases creativity, demonstrates understanding and is a joy to use. I cant recommend MyCreate more highly!

Great for the classroom

Super easy to use stop action movie app! Kids love to express themselves with movies they create and this is the app for them to make them. The first time I tried this with my students... they were making and sharing their movies within minutes. Intuitive for students and with the time lapse feature allows students to do some pretty cool scientific investigations. Definitely recommend this for classroom use.

Great stuff

My son was able to bring his LEGO creations to life. He made stop-motion videos for hours. Its incredible to see all the ideas he comes up with and just how creative they are! This brings a whole new dimension to playing with LEGOs for him.

Super simple

This is by far the BEST stop motion app available. It is so easy to use which, as a parent of a 6 and 8 year old, is critical. Kids are able to use this with little to no parental guidance and more importantly, they LOVE this app. The export feature is great as are the onion skinning, the split screen, and the audio. It is refreshing as a parent to see an app that is not a game or simply a way to drill kids on subject matter. This app brings out their imaginations and creativity. Cant wait to try it with them in the car or on a plane.

High creativity and lots of educational learning outcomes for students

This app is absolutely amazing. It is an app that allows for educators and students to be highly creative with designing and producing an interactive story. It allows students to create a personalized storyline through constructing a physical story with tactile props, stop motion, music and their voice. It also reinforces the seamless infusion of technology literacy skills sets and meeting curriculum standards in a very motivating and engaged learning scenario. This is a "Must Have" app for your elementary and middle school teaching and learning environments. Naomi Harm Technology Literacy Specialist Minnesota, USA

Cant import already-taken photos

Though I like the simplicity of the interface, we cant really use this app, because you cant import pictures. My kids like taking the stop motion photos in advance using our camera on a tripod (allows them to do crazy angles without having to use the bulky iPad as a camera). We cant import pictures from the iPad photo library, which seems kind of absurd. If the option to import photos was included, this would be the perfect, simple animation app for kids. In the meantime, its fairly inflexible and therefore fairly unusable for us.

Good app

Very easy to use. Onion skinning is really nice.

best stop animation app

I ❤ this app helps me a lot

Endless possibilities with myCreate!

A few years ago I bought an animation how-to book that suggested using iCreate to Educates Sam animation software. It was pretty much the same thing as this app. I had a blast with it! Everything from stuffed animals to pizza to clay to my hairbrush came to life with a few simple clicks! Unfortunately, I lost the ability to continue with the software when we got rid of our old laptop, but I was very excited when this app came out! Dont let the price intimidate you! It is worth the money! It is soooo easy compared to other stop motion apps and is perfect for kids, teens, and even kid-at-heart adults! My only issue so far is a glitch when I try to do a voiceover. The app closes! :( but Im hoping this will be fixed in an update! You dont have to be a kid in a classroom to enjoy this app! Its fun for anybody! Other features that could make it even better: the ability to add titles and transitions to your movies

Awesome app to capture videos

Easy breezy stop motion video capture at my fingertips!

Easy to use and fun!

I love being able to bring anything to life! This app is so much fun and easy to share my creations with my friends!


I love this app!

LOVE THIS APP. Very useful.

Super simple to create

My kids just love this app -- they spend hours animating Legos ...being very creative !

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